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A flame in the freezing cold, for solo piano (2023)

Written for Huizi Zhang and the CNSNC Collective. 

Recorded at Oktaven Audio in Mt Vernon, NY on March 29, 2023.

Premiered on  April 9, 2023 at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY.

I wrote this short piano song during the holiday season of 2022, when Christmas and Hanukkah were marked by a brief period of extremely intense, cold weather. Being away from my family during this time, I was reminded of how the holidays are a time of joy and celebration for some, but also a time of sadness and loneliness for others. I lit Hanukkah candles this year, and remembered their significance as a symbol of hope and optimism in the face of doubt, fear and uncertainty. On the eighth night of Hanukkah (which, this year, coincided with Christmas Day!), in the darkness of winter, all nine candles shone together with an intense, bright light, as if to say,

“The night will pass. The seasons will change. You are not alone. You are loved.”

(January 2023)

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