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Amy, for solo trombone (2018)

(The piece starts around 1 minute into the video)

Amy is a tribute to the music department at my alma mater, the University of Delaware, where I received my bachelor’s degree in music composition. The music department is housed in two buildings: The recently built Roselle Center for the Arts, and the slightly older Amy E. DuPont Music Building. It was within Amy that music majors would spend the majority of their time, whether they were attending classes, practicing, or just hanging out with friends. It was the building in which many music students like myself found a second home and a group of friends that would last a lifetime. These friendships were forged in the fire of overwhelming stress as we completed exams, juries, projects, and final papers, all while supporting each other through it. These connections that we shared with each other helped the students and faculty through even the darkest of times, and are a perfect example of why the act of making music together is so pure and beautiful.

(December 2017)

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