What does it mean to truly connect with another human being, to feel the widest range of emotions that comprises the human experience?

What does it mean to love someone, to care for them, to feel like you would do almost anything for these incredibly special people in your life?


What does it mean to watch a person suffer tragedies and atrocities, to be put through misery, pain, and suffering, and still manage to find their own strength, their own individuality, their own truth and peace in the midst of chaos? 

As a composer and musician spanning multiple genres, I wish to tackle these ideas in my music. I find my musical roots in many different worlds, such as film music, 20th century classical, jazz, folk, rock, and concert band music. I was raised Jewish and find much hope, guidance, and inspiration for my work in my faith. I believe that we are all on a path of constantly learning and growing as human beings, and I hope that by being my truest self as a musician and as a person, I can inspire others to do the same.

Photo credit: Gu Wei (https://www.guweimusic.com/).

About Me

Daniel Despins (b. 1994) seeks to capture the relentless endurance of the human spirit in his music. Daniel’s music has been performed in several locations across the East Coast, by ensembles such as the Peabody Institute Opera Etudes Program, the Tampa Bay Symphony, the Chesapeake Silver Cornet Brass Band, Christiana Winds, and the University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Daniel was the winner of the 2nd Annual Tampa Bay Symphony Call for Scores and the third place winner of the 2016 American Prize in Composition (student chamber music division).


Daniel is a prolific arranger, and has written arrangements for a variety of ensembles, including Baltimore's Marching Ravens, the University of Delaware Pep Band, and the University of Delaware 8-bit Orchestra. He has a special passion for the marching arts as a form of visual and musical storytelling, and designs shows for marching arts ensembles with percussion arranger Jason Keller under the name Wall of Sound Music.


Daniel studied music composition with Michael Hersch at the Peabody Institute, and with Jennifer Margaret Barker at the University of Delaware. He plans to continue writing music and spread his musical message on a national and global level, as well as advocating for music and arts education.

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