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I like to tell stories through my music.


My mission is to connect with others on an intense personal and emotional level through music.


I believe that I can achieve this mission by telling my personal stories and by expressing my truth. There is a whole world within each of us (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5), and by sharing pieces of my world with you, I believe that I can say something about the vast sea of our shared human experience.

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About Me

Daniel Despins (b. 1994) likes to tell stories through his music, in an attempt to connect with others on a deeper level. Daniel finds his musical roots in many different worlds, including film and video game music, 20th century classical, jazz, folk, rock, musical theatre, wind ensemble, and marching band music. Raised in the Jewish faith, he finds much hope, guidance, and inspiration for his work in Jewish mysticism and spirituality.


Some of Daniel’s favorite collaborations in the past few years include performances by Hila Plitmann and the Boss Street Brass Band, Bergamot Quartet, the Peabody Institute Opera Etudes Program, the Tampa Bay Symphony, Christiana Winds, the University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore’s Marching Ravens, the University of Delaware Pep Band, and the University of Delaware 8-Bit Orchestra. Daniel studied music composition with Michael Hersch at the Peabody Institute, and with Jennifer Margaret Barker at the University of Delaware.

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