Complete List of Works

Click on the titles in gold to read about the piece and listen to a recording.

Works for Multiple Voices

Works for Solo Voice

A Dream Through Owl Eyes for high voice and piano (2020)

Healing Stones for soprano and violin (2019)

The weight of your absence for soprano and viola (2019)

I had no time to hate for flute and baritone voice (2015)

Large Ensemble

Chamber Ensemble - Brass

Chamber Ensemble - Other Instruments

Nuftula, the Dancing Warrior for modified Pierrot ensemble (2020)

Visions for open instrumentation (2019)

Ever Upward? for piano trio (2016)

Medusa for wind quintet (2015)

The Night Lake, a sextet for woodwinds, strings, and piano (2013)

Instrumental Solos and Duets

In the darkness, she spoke to me for unaccompanied flute (2019)

Midnight by the Harbor for unaccompanied tuba (2019)

An Unknown Dream for toy piano and full-size piano (2019)

Amy for unaccompanied trombone (2018)

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