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The Chains That Bind Us, a chamber opera in one act (2019)

"The Chains That Bind Us" is a chamber opera in one act, conceived from three ideas:
First, the need to be an individual in the face of a society that encourages conformity;
Second, the desire to chase one's dreams even in the face of doubt and insecurity;
and Third, the way human connection inspires each of us to fight against our darkest inner demons.

The Devil has imprisoned three characters in a state of limbo, in a place frozen in time. As each character explores the reasons for coming to this place, it is up to each of them to break the physical and mental chains that prevent their freedom.

The premiere workshop performance was given on April 8, 2019, in Miriam A. Friedberg Concert Hall at the Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Maryland.

Claire Cooper as The Devil
Katelyn Aungst as Character 1
Alicia Hurtado as Character 2
Baajah Mohammed as Character 3

Music and text written by Daniel Despins
Directed by Garnett Bruce
Musical Direction by JoAnn Kulesza and Tony Arnold

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